Light Towers
• Free mint access to the Light Keepers PFP collection
• Early access to the TCG Ancient Gods
• Unique card pack for the TCG Ancient Gods
• Something engaging for the Old 80's pfp collection
• Special key
• Mystery reward

All Ewin Games projects have their own unique settings. But what unites them all is our desire to give out presents to our players! So we decided to prepare some themed presents for each game's players. We will preserve these gifts to keep them safe. Those cans may look pretty uncommon, but we think it is even better this way and call them Odd Cans. Each can will contain project-related gifts and those applicable to our other games. Just like this Light Towers Odd Can.

Ancient Gods

Ancient Gods is an innovative collectible card game with a hilarious art style and our own vision of divine relationships. Countless deities from different pantheons worshipped by ancient civilizations will be presented as NFT cards of several rarities with various unique abilities.

Players are welcome to collect these cards, trade them with other players, and craft new cards by burning owned ones - all for gathering the best and the strongest deck for battles.

Old 80’s

Old 80’s is an NFT collection in the spirit of the most nostalgic era. It is built around the life and interests of a unique character, a 30-year-old dinosaur called Andy.

Our team has worked out this collection's enjoyable lore, style, and distinctive look. The collection is focused on fashion, tastes, and items from the 80’s. Each trait element is well-studied and authentic. If there are characters, their peak popularity was from 1980 to 1989. The same goes for clothing, design, and other details.

Each NFT is unique and software-generated from over 350 possible traits in 17 categories.


There are two things our company is keen on. Exploring the crypto world and making games. That is why we plan to launch a website packed with engaging mini-games perfect for fun and time-killing. The coolest thing about it is that all these games will be integrated into one system.

Even more rewards are locked behind these doors!
light towers
old 80’s
ancient gods

We have prepared something extraordinary for our players! As known, all our gaming projects have their own unique settings. So we decided to create special artifacts themed for each of our games. Those are going to be special keys minted as NFTs.

Each key owner will receive valuable rewards for holding their NFTs. But the main purpose of these themed keys is to open the related doors. Opening all four doors will grant a tremendous reward that we will announce a little bit later. You will never regret joining us on our journey!