Light Towers

Our shadowy world.

Here, the only sources of light are thirteen Towers. Can you imagine…

In a world as dark as this, we must do our duty to fight against the dying of the light.

Will you?...

Our hero, the Keeper of Tower III, used to love his job. He cherished looking after his Tower's light and felt happy gazing at the other XII. He knew that the other Keepers took care of their Towers too, until one day, it all disappeared. Both the Keepers and their lights.

Only the third Tower kept glowing, and its Keeper remained…

A long time has passed since that day.

The Keeper had been watching the horizon as always. He knew that one moment he would see it again; the other Tower's glow.

And finally, it happened.

Details are in the trailer.

tower III

The home of our hero; the final Keeper.

Before the light died, the Keeper used to love visiting his friend, the Astronomer. The Keeper would also visit the Astronomers small pond to fish or to get some water for his favourite plant that was growing in Tower III.

The Keeper's two favourite hobbies were hanging out with friends and gazing at his fancy plant. But when everybody disappeared, he fell into depression. All he could do was sit in his room for days and stare at his Tower's light. Tower III’s elevator gears rusted, so now he couldn't even go and get water for his plant.

The Keeper's beloved plant wilted; and so did he.

But when that other light emerged, it sparked hope within. The Keeper found new meaning again: To find out what happened to the other Towers, and to try to bring the light back to his world.

Tower IV

This Tower's Keeper was a strange character who cared more about the glow of the stars in the sky more than the Tower he was responsible for.

He constructed a unique lens allowing him to look into the eyes of bugs flying hundreds of yards away from the Tower. But most of all, he was mesmerised by stargazing. He told his friend from the third Tower everything about the stars. He even told him they were not just fireflies high in the sky but huge celestial bodies! Perhaps there are even some other Keepers out there, looking at them from afar.

The third Keeper laughed in his beard but never tried to convince his friend that these ideas could barely be true.

Tower VI

This Tower has always been the object of gossip.

Colourful smoke and mysterious flashes would often be seen rising high above Tower VI. It always produced a weird gurgling noise too...

The local Keeper could not be mistaken for anybody else because he always wore a white lab coat. The third Keeper heard something about his colleague from Tower XI being an experimenter who studied... how to say it: "che-mystery"?

Earlier, the Keeper in a white lab coat could be seen flying on his hot-air balloon, but neither he nor his inventions have been heard of for a long time...

welcome to
the world of light towers

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Idea and artwork by Viktor Storozhuk.