Light Towers
The game is not supported by mobile devices
and switch it to
Polygon Network


To start playing connect your wallet.
When the cursor changes for these cute feet, it means the keeper can walk there.
With this cursor-hand you can interact with objects and drag items to your inventory and wallet.
Drag items from your inventory and look for the place to apply them. Seeing this circle means you found it.
Combine items with each other, crafting new ones required for progression. There may even be more than two items compatible with each other.
Blockchain can be your helper even in solving puzzles! Remember that there will always be a transaction notification when you've done everything right, and your action is complete.
All the in-game items — are NFTs.

All the in-game items you can interact with — are NFTs. This means that each interaction with these items is a blockchain transaction that requires approval via the player's connected wallet.

During the first game session, you will be offered to get three in-game NFT items required for solving puzzles in the game world. In case one or more such items are available on a game scene, the initially chosen ones are considered duplicates. They will not be shown in your inventory. However, they do not disappear.
They are kept in your wallet, and you are free to use them in any way you want.

Hint: you can exchange your "duplicate" for any item you lack from other players.

Always remember the random choice of items at the very beginning in case you think you're stuck.
The random might not be on your side, so you may lack one of the items needed for passing through.


if you have any
Join our discord and create a ticket in #lt-support channel. Our team and moderators will answer you ASAP.