Light Towers
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Flea Market

Number of Items purchasable with Glowworms: 0


For a limited time only, use the Flea Market to get 3 FREE ITEMS to help you finish Chapter I!

Please connect your wallet
Available items: 0
Total cost: 0 Matic

Flea Market Handbook

In the Flea Market, each player is entitled to no more than 3 Items in total, either bought for free using Glowworms gained from their Highscore in Tower Climb, or with $MATIC from their wallets.

If a player's wallet is on the final Tower Climb leaderboard (either Gold or Silver), their best score will be displayed in the top right.

Items purchasable with Glowworms: The number of items that are currently available for free following this ratio: 1 Item for 60 Glowworms.

Total cost: The total amount the players must pay in $MATIC to receive the selected items.

When players start selecting items, we first will check if they have enough Glowworms to get them for free. If so, then the final cost will not change. If at some point there are not enough Glowworms (or they were not there at all from the very beginning) then 1 $MATIC will be added to the final cost for each selected item.

Example: If the player scored 65 points in Tower Climb and chose 2 Items in the Flea Market, the total cost would be 1 $MATIC. (1 Item free & 1 Item paid). As soon as the player made their transaction, the value of Items purchasable with Glowworms will change to 0, and the value of Available Items will change to 1. This means that this player can still buy one item, but only with $MATIC.

Bare in mind, the Flea Market is not the only way to receive Items! We also have a community based marketplace for swapping Items amongst players. We think this system is a little bit more fun!