Light Towers


Q: What does Web3 mean?
A: Web3 is a new version of the Internet, incorporating concepts of decentralisation, blockchain technology and token-based economics. Our game is one of the pioneers in Web3 gaming.
Q: What is Light Towers?
A: Light Towers is a Point & Click quest game based on traditional mechanics of the genre: searching for items to interact and solve puzzles with.
Q: How are Web3 concepts implemented in Light Towers?
A: The in-game logic and its quest mechanics, from interacting with objects to item ownership, are blockchain-based.
Q: What does it mean for me?
A: All the usable in-game items are NFTs owned by players. Players are allowed to exchange or trade them.
Q: How is your game different from others?
A: We have introduced a unique gameplay feature - completing through communication. Missing items needed to solve the puzzle means you have duplicates of others. So you will need to communicate with other players to exchange your items. Of course, you can simply buy the missing items on the secondary market, but finding the owners and negotiating your exchange is much more enjoyable! That will not only allow you to get the final reward but also open up the opportunity to meet like-minded people and even make friends! Our goal is to unite players, collectors, and traders in one warm and cosy community.
Q: What else?
A: The game features random mechanics built on Chainlink VRF technology, guaranteeing each player a unique game experience.
Q: What chain is the game built on?
A: Light Towers is built on the Polygon blockchain, which provides quick, safe, and low-cost transactions.
Q: How is my progress saved?
A: Here comes another benefit of Web3! Everything, including the game progress, is kept in the blockchain and players’ wallets are their keys to this data.
Q: Will I receive any reward for completing Light Towers?
A: The first 5,555 players who complete Chapter I will receive a special LT Odd Can NFT. All players who pass the game but won't manage to get the LT Odd Can NFT in time will receive a LT Keeper Amulet.
Q: How can I get my reward once the game is completed?
A: Once you complete Chapter I, your Odd Can will be waiting for you to claim on the game’s website.