Light Towers
Chapter I
In this chapter, you join the keeper in his journey to the mysterious light far away. Solve complex puzzles, exchange your items with other players, and feel the captivating atmosphere of the Light Towers world! Help the keeper to pass through the first three towers to get to the border of the valley he knows.
Chapter II

Even more engaging game content is waiting for you and the keeper in the follow-up of the story. A much larger territory will be open for exploring than in the first chapter. More new challenges, more unique items, and even more complex riddles! Pass over the towers and beneath them to reach the highest point of the world and learn the secret of the recently emerged light.

When will
Chapter II open?
The light bulb you have to enter the game is not just an entry ticket. It is the part of the light that illuminates the mysterious world of Light Towers. It is vital, but a single bulb is not merely enough to illuminate the whole valley of the keepers. The power of many light bulbs is required to vanquish the darkness covering the second chapter. When there are enough of them, the world will see the continuation of the Light Towers story.