Light Towers
about the game

Light Towers is a satisfyingly enigmatic, web3 point-and-click puzzle game.

Thanks to the benefits of NFTs, we have created a puzzle game that rewards you for playing! Through fascinating riddles, intriguing storylines, an absorbing atmosphere combined with NFT technology and social interaction; it’s a whole new gaming experience.

You are welcome to join the world of Light Towers - a new part of the blockchain-gaming universe.

Something is missing...

All players will randomly lack III of the numerous items required for the game completion. And each individual player will lack different items.

However, when beginning the game, players will be allowed to choose III items. So, if you are lucky enough, you may guess right and fill the missing items with those you choose. But if your luck is out and something is missing, you are always welcome to trade your items with other players to get the necessary ones!

Rest assured that pure randomness is guaranteed through Chainlink VRF technology

Building a community where players could exchange their items as NFTs is one of the central ideas behind Light Towers. It also makes our social networks an essential part of the gaming experience!

Come join us!


Greetings to all light seekers in the rejuvenated Universe of Light Towers. Previously, to become a part of this game, you needed a special Light Bulb NFT as an entry ticket. But times are changing.

We are delighted to announce that now the entrance is open for all! This reflects our ambition to make Light Towers accessible to everyone. Enchanted riddles and unforgettable adventures are now available to all for free.

When you first enter the game, you will instantly receive three items for free to assist you on your journey. Use them wisely and help the Tower Keeper to complete the first chapter of the story.

However, there's one thing we decided to keep. The first 5555 players who complete the game will receive a special reward. So don't waste time - the mysterious universe of Light Towers is waiting for you.

Light Towers is more than just a game. It's a constantly evolving and improving community of Web 3.0 enthusiasts. Now you can become a part of this community, and it's absolutely free.

We invite you into the world of Light Towers. The adventure begins now!


For completing the first chapter of Light Towers, you will receive a gift from EWIN Games.

A weird can. Or an odd can, if you will.

To be clearer, the can in question is a claimable ‘LT Odd Can NFT’, and there is a strictly limited edition of these NFTs - only 5,555.

You must solve all the puzzles faster than others to get this NFT. But those who won't make it to the first 5,555 players to complete the chapter shouldn't be disappointed. We have also prepared memorable digital items called LT Keeper Amulets for everybody who will pass the game but won't manage to get the LT Odd Can NFT.

In addition, you will definitely get an exciting experience, show your ingenuity, and may even find new friends in our cozy community.


Our Discord community is a part of the Light Towers world. Everybody is welcome to learn the game's backstory, chat with other players, share their experiences, and participate in contests.

But what is more important is that our Discord is the place for players to exchange their items to help them complete the game.

Follow the Light Towers Twitter to be the first in hearing announcements about the game and our studio’s updates!

Be sure to never miss any news from us.


If you don't have enough items to solve a puzzle, as mentioned above, you can gather them through 3 ways.

1- Swap with other players on our webpage exchange.

2- Buy with Glowworms and/or $MATIC in the Flea Market.

3- Trade on our official Opensea Items collection.

Exchange your items and move forward to the next Tower.

Chapter II

Our story is divided into II chapters.

However, to open the second chapter more than one player's efforts are needed.

The more Keepers that unite and combine the glow of their Light Bulbs, the higher the chance of new mysterious territories being illuminated.